Do you need special protection for your profiles? Our 5 anodized plants have the Qualanod guarantee and allow us to offer a multitude of finishes


Anodizing is an electrochemical process of forced oxidation, by means of which the aluminum forms a protective layer of aluminium oxide (Al2O3) on the surface of the aluminium base of a variable thickness from 5 microns to 25 microns in the anodizing of protection and up to 100 microns in the hard anodized.

The aluminum profile is transported by a circuit in which several washing processes are included, previous treatments to mechanically improve it, the oxidation itself, coloration also by electrolysis and sealing.

Anodizing provides the profile with special protection against moisture and dust, increases its hardness and resistance to abrasion, wear and corrosion, while giving it an aesthetic finish in a multitude of colors.

Our production centers are equipped with 5 anodizing plants of 68 000, 30 000, 24 000 and 20 000 amps guaranteed with the Qualanod quality certificate. We are able to anodize profiles up to 14000 mm long in different types of finishes such as matt, satin, polished or repolished and in different types of colors. Our annual anodized production capacity is 25 000 MT of profile.

  • 5 anodizing plants of 68 000, 30 000, 24 000 and 20 000 amps
  • Maximum length of anodizing: 14 000 mm
  • Electro coloration up to 25 μ
  • Physical treatment: Sanding, Grafting, Polishing and Repolishing
  • Annual production capacity: 25 000 MT of anodized profile