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Aluminium provides joinery with the elegance of a metal. It is rigid and very resistant, allows for large size solutions and has a countless range of finishes. On account of its characteristics, it favours the reduction in profile size, maximising the glazed area of the window. It delivers a modern design to the window.
Both systems should be cleaned with neutral soap and water, applied with a soft sponge or rag. Abrasive solvents should be avoided. Lubricants should be applied in order to maintain the mechanisms in a good state of repair (locks, cremone bolts...)

The frequency of this maintenance depends to a great extent on our location. In the countryside, once or twice a year is enough. While in industrial zones and coastal areas this should be especially frequent to avoid saltpetre or other corrosive stains.
In aluminium, the options are lacquered or anodised. The first is a paint covering based on polyester resins baked at 180º. The colour options are countless.

Anodising is the transformation of the external layer of aluminium, which is tempered and waterproofed. The colour options are limited but they are accompanied by some mechanical treatments which enhance the metallic effect.
In aluminium, the wood grain is serigraphed on the lacquered profile.
We have to be concerned with thermal insulation, solar protection and security.

In regard to the first, double glazing with air chamber reduces heat loss by half. It is also possible to include a "low emission" treatment to increase saving, or replace the air in the chamber with Argon gas In warm climates, it is useful to place solar control layers in the chamber to avoid radiation from heating the home excessively.

In regard to security, it is compulsory to place laminate glass in lower floors. It is a case of two sheets of glass held together by a plastic film which holds them in case of breakage.
Aluminium is a good thermal conductor; in order to reduce heat loss produced this way, a bad conductor is placed between the profiles. A separator (polyamide) is usually used.

Visit our "Map of fabricators" section where you can find the fabricator nearest your location.

Condensation is a natural phenomenon whereby the humidity in the air deposits on cold surfaces.

The greater the insulation of the joinery, the warmer the interior surfaces will be and, therefore, reduced probability of condensation. At the same time, it is very important to have correct installation without thermal bridging in the window perimeter.

However, correct ventilation is essential to maintain daily humidity within healthy levels.
There are significant differences between a high end window and others. For example, there is better thermal insulation and soundproofing. Plus, these windows have a more modern design and use more innovative materials.
In our website, you can find a list of the shops we work with. We have many official dealers as Exlabesa is present in the entire territory.
The interior and exterior profiles can be coloured independently. In this way, a window can have a completely different finish in the interior with respect to the exterior.
On the one hand, we have casement windows that can open inwards or outwards, thus occupying a certain space. On the other, there are tilt and turn windows, which also allow opening using bottom hung mode using very little space.

Sliding windows can be made up by two, three or four parts ("panels") which glide horizontally. As they always glide on the same plane, they do not occupy space inwards or outwards.
Windows can be manufactured with all kinds of curves, with various opening systems and with any finish, ensuring design versality and a wide range of possibilities.

With respect to shape and size of the profiles, each series has its own personality. Large or small, rounded or straight, classic or minimalist, the profiles determine the appearance of the window.
On renovating the doors and windows of a home, the thermal conditions improve. This improves comfort in the home and reduces heating and air conditioning costs. Depending on the chosen model, there is also better soundproofing.