KLW Curtain Wall

exlabesa KLW aluminium curtain wall system allow our customers to install the building envelope focusing on eficency, safety and freedom of design

KLW Curtain Wall

A visually slim system that maximises the glazed area enhances the appeal of a façade. KLW Curtain wall system has only 50 mm wide making it ideal for a huge range of projects where glass has the main point.


  • 50 mm channel & plate curtain walling system
  • Transom/Mullion sizes from 50 mm to 125 mm
  • Polyamide thermal break for improved thermal efficiency
  • 28 mm glazing as standard
  • Window & door insert available
  • Faceted sections available for angled screens
  • Internal reinforcing bars available for bigger spans
  • A range of external caps available

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