KSF Shop Front

The KSF Non Thermal Door system allows to expand the glazed area of the door. With a smart design, it has been engineered for quality fabrication and ease of installation

KSF Shop Front

A robust system designed thinking of its installation on shopfronts, KSF combines durability and a modern design that maximizes the glazed area with an excellent value for money. This door is not only an excellent option for exterior, it is also good choice to interior spaces.


  • Range of shop front & door sections available
  • Double & single door profi les available
  • Choice of top rails, bottom rails and a mid-rails available
  • Screw port fi xing for shop front sections
  • Multiple glass thickness` available from 6 to 28,8 mm double glazing
  • Internally beaded for increased security
  • Sections available for use with auto gearing as well as manual pivot

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