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Exlabesa, world leader in aluminium profiles extrusion for windows, doors, curtain walling

Exlabesa, extruding and shaping your world

At Exlabesa we know that completing the productive cycle of aluminium means providing value to our customers. That is why our business development has been directed, since our beginnings in the sixties, to consolidate us as a reliable, differentiated and competitive supplier. Thanks to our productive capacity and technical capabilities, we are currently one of the global leaders in the extrusion of aluminium profiles.

Our eight factories are capable of carrying out all the productive processes of the aluminium. From the conception, the design and development of the solution, to the extrusion, machining, powder coating, anodizing, assembly of pieces, packaging, delivery of the totally finished profile and its recycling.

Exlabesa Identity

A broad background has upheld the role and reputation of our company, regarded as a leading business project, in the aluminium sector in Europe. This vast experience has also contributed to establish a differentiated company culture that perfectly combines the solvency of a professional, responsible and dedicated human team with the pride of belonging to our company. The customer satisfaction and the professional development of the team always prevail over any other objective. 

exlabesa Identity

Since 1966

Beginnings: Pontevedra-Spain 
The origins of exlabesa go back to the decade of the 60s. Shortly afterwards came the installation of the first extrusion presses and the powder coating and anodizing plants. 
1992: Padrón & Rois-Spain
In 1992, an ambitious expansion plan was carried out. This will allow the company to complete the aluminum production cycle under one roof at its Valga, Rois and Padrón factories. 
2001: UK
exlabesa began its international expansion in Europe in 2001, acquiring and promoting one of the most importants aluminum extrusion factories in England. 
2007: Morocco
exlabesa goes one step further in its international expansion in 2007 with the opening of a new production center in Tangier, from where the markets of North Africa and West Africa will be served. 
2009: Poland
In 2009 a new production center was opened in Tułowice (Poland). It will allow the company to penetrate the markets of Central Europe and Eastern Europe. 
2011: United States
exlabesa becomes a global player with the entry into the United States market, where a large production center is aquired. It will enable the company to position itself in one of the most competitive markets in the aluminium sector worldwide. 
2016: Germany
The Minden factory (Germany), specialized in manufacturing high added value profiles for sectors such as mechanical, medical, electrical or automotive engineering, has been the last and one of the most important exlabesa acquisitions.

Facts & Figures

Thanks to the commitment, professionalism and responsibility of the people who form our team and the trust that our customers place in us every day, exlabesa is currently one of the most reliable and most competitive companies in the aluminum sector worldwide as the numbers show us:

  • 500 millon euros turnover
  • 15 000 customers
  • 1800 employee
  • 160 000 Tm/year of extruded aluminium
  • 200 000 Tm/year extrusion capacity
  • 210 000 m2 factory
  • 8 factories on 3 continents
  • Sales in over 40 countries